why annie? why you?

be green. talk green.

Are energy, environmental and sustainability issues at the core of your mission or the driving force of a new initiative? If you are going green it pays to talk about it, and Annie will tap her passion for and expertise in these arenas to ensure you are doing so effectively.

put communications at the core

What you say, who says it, how you say it, when, where and to whom you say it, who is listening, how you are engaging them…these things matter. They are critical to your vision, mission and bottom line. These considerations should be core to your organization or business.

get in the game

The media – traditional, new, social – landscape is evolving at a dizzying pace. Instead of burying your head in the sand or, worse, jumping in blindly, Annie can help you develop and implement a comprehensive strategy that is visionary, realistic and keeps you ahead of the curve.

start a conversation

In addition to leveraging these myriad tools to garner more exposure, you should be learning and adapting based on these efforts. There are unprecedented opportunities to proactively engage your audiences and customers in a real-time conversation, incorporate their feedback, and impact attitudes and actions.

make a smart investment

These days, many organizations cannot afford a fully staffed media or communications function. But what you really can’t afford is to neglect communications work. For those on a lean budget, engaging Annie on a key project or ongoing initiatives – even to complement or supplement current work – is a smart investment.