at your service

Annie is passionate about utilizing today’s growing number and type of communications channels to effectively give a voice to a client’s vision. She works with non-profits, companies, foundations and local governments to assess their needs and design a tailor-made package of services that reflects their missions and meets their goals.

sustainability • energy

The ways in which we produce and use energy and foster economic, environmental and social sustainability are top of mind concerns these days. Annie has more than 10 years’ professional experience and a lifetime of personal interest in the sustainability and energy fields and can ensure your perspectives on and contributions to these issues are part of the conversation.

communications • online strategies

Need to develop a comprehensive communications strategy – including an online presence – for your non-profit, company or a specific project? Yes, you do. If you don’t have one or need to revise your current plan, Annie can help you take this crucial step. Drawing on her experience, Annie will lead you through a process to define goals, identify target audiences, outline key elements and appropriate platforms, and establish benchmarks. Annie is also available to help implement that strategy or its core elements, including several outlined below.

messaging • branding

What is the story your organization needs to tell? What is the brand your company is trying to promote? What is the message you want to share? How will that message resonate with your target audience? These are just a few of the critical questions that Annie can help you ask and answer as you craft the stories you’re telling and the identity you’re building.

media • community outreach

You’ve got a service to sell, a story to tell or a group to influence. Thus, you have an audience to reach. And the list of potential channels – from major TV networks to news aggregation sites to neighborhood blogs – continue to multiply. Let Annie pinpoint the media outlets you should target, outline the most effective ways to engage the community (or other group) to take action, and assist with proactive outreach campaigns.

new • social media

Facebook. Twittter. LinkedIn. Google Wave and Buzz. Ning. Digg. YouTube. Tumblr. iPhone Apps. Podcasts. That’s just a sampling of some of the new and social media tools that can help you raise the visibility and uptake of your message or brand. But you need a vision and strategy for how to incorporate these platforms into your overall communications, organizational, and/or business plans. Annie will work with your team to identify and implement a successful strategy for utilizing these cutting-edge tools.

writing • editing

Most organizations and companies will want to publish educational and marketing materials that exceed Twitter’s 140 character limit. That’s where Annie can put her prolific writing and editing expertise and experience to work for you. Examples of content that Annie can help you frame and create include: annual and other reports, case studies, fact sheets, brochures, opinion editorials, blog posts, speeches, and press releases.

trainings • presentations

To get exposure and resonate with your audience, your spokespeople must be armed with the skills and tools to deliver the message and inspire action. Annie can lead trainings for groups small and large on topics such as media outreach and public speaking as well as develop PowerPoint and other presentations, including speech writing and coaching.